ReHouse Retro Fabulous Finds Gallery
This is just a sampling of the authentic mid-century treasures we carry.
Items may or may not be in stock all the time.
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  1. Managing Director
    Hand painted top of librarians table from Geneva HS for sales counter, hardwood accent wall built of re-purposed flooring, Lucite light fixture from a local home, Rochester area photography by Bob & Jean Reeves.
  2. Managing Director
    Avocado green rotary dial phone.
  3. Managing Director
    1948 white 4 burner gas stove and oven. 21w x 41h x 23d. (SOLD)
  4. Managing Director
    Coca-Cola brand radio (SOLD)
  5. Managing Director
    selection of our vintage glassware
  6. Managing Director
    Kodak cameras, equipment, and memorabilia
  7. Managing Director
    tan was the top selling color for rotary phones
  8. Managing Director
    timeless children's toys
  9. Managing Director
    Vintage Photo and Video: Kodak and Other Brands
  10. Managing Director
    All your favorite records and a variety of turntables
  11. Managing Director
    Sofas made from vintage classic cars
  12. Managing Director
    Turquoise Wonder Kitchen and Frigidaire Refrigerator